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Loka Auditore

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Loka Auditore
Class One Mutilant

Aantal berichten : 100
Registratiedatum : 19-03-14
Leeftijd : 22

Character sheet
Gender: F
Age: 20
Partner: Music exists to speak the words we can't express.

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Loka Auditore di Aétios
There are no heroes
In life the monsters win.

Voornaam: Loka
Achternaam: Auditore
Bijnamen: loki
Leeftijd: 20
Geslacht: F
Seksualiteit: Biseksueel(voorheen lesbisch)
Soort: Mutilant


She can be very agressive sometimes. Therefor, she also have a big mouth to everyone, and she is really destructive. She don't threathen much, but always give you one warning. After these, she'll kill you fast and painless. She isn't very sadistic, but have a weakness for blood. She is really fast in her jobs, because of years of training. Sometimes, Loka have the weakness that she often cries, because of a broken heart. This because she saw her partner dies before her eyes.


Loka grew up in a welbeloved family. They weren't much rich, but they had the things they need to survive. But when the war breaks out, one on one she lose her dear family members. On a young age, after the dead of her GF, wich dies before her eyes by the enemy, she was captured by the capitol. Because she often trains with her guard dog and dad to survive, the capitol spies her her whole life, and when they could, they killed her GF, and captured her before the eyes of her father. Since then she once saw him, in the beginning since she was a new mutant, and killed him. Although, she thinks. Now, fifteen years later, she is what she's become. A coolblooded, silent killer mutant.


Loka has one special thing, since her birth (while she was still human), and that's her special sonar dog flute. It is a small flute that sends sonars that only animals and some mutants can hear. It gives/gaves her the ability to call a dog nearby, who was trained to this signal. This dog was early her guarddog Stu(name). Now, she train to use this sonar by other animals, wich is very difficult, cuz it takes centuries to teach the animals to listen to this signal.

Her mutations are also; Goliath metal-and glass protection suit. Also, this suit allows her body to drag some of her weapons. These weapons are part of her body, they're mutations. It isn't that the weapons are part of suit, but she can hang up some of her weapons on it. Often, she hangs up her machine guns on it, one of the weapons she can handy get of her body, wich she learned by years of training. Light-weight weapons(except of light-weight machine guns) she drags them on her body. Her weapons are a whole arsenal, containing a sub machine gun(AK47), light machine gun(m60), assault rifles(m16), shotguns(stakeout), launchers(RPG), specials(crossbow and balistic knife) and a knife. These are her own and former weapons, wich have the capitol make it better, so she now can shoot straight on a line of 50 m, or closer. These guns must loading first before use. That's why there's the goliath glass on her suit, it turns the sunlight into energy.

The capitol have done some beauty treatment, wich gives her the ability of larger theets(almost fangs), like a predator. This joke was done, because of her other mutation where she can turn into an animal. She gets the fur of the animal, and the body, but still you can see she's a human. Not because she's antropomorph, but because, she looks like a half human-half animal. Sort of an animal sphynx. For changing into (another) animal (or back) she have to wait at least two full hours. It is also working on the sunlight-energy.


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Leigh Stark

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Gender: Male
Age: 30 years
Partner: Why fall in love when you can fall asleep?

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Hierbij zit Loka in Class 1

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Loka Auditore

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